Shoot it. Share it. Own it.
The beauty of MyPix is its simplicity - the intuituve interface allows you to create the watermark and share your photo in less than a minute.
-- MacWorld
You just shot a photo that's about to go viral. Don't share it until you tell the world who took it.

MyPix for iPhone and iPod touch is the premier watermarking app given 4 out of 5 mice by MacWorld.

You've taken a photo and published it to the web, but if that photo isn't watermarked it's likely being republished without your permission. If it goes viral you're losing out on fees you deserve as the copyright owner. MyPix helps you publish photos quickly while still protecting your digital rights as a photographer. Use the built-in cam or watermark and share pics from your camera roll. Once you’re ready, share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – all within the app.
  • Place a watermark on any picture.
  • Take a picture from the app or load one from your Photo Library.
  • Your original unwatermarked photo is preserved in your Photo Library.
  • Move, rotate, and scale your watermark.
  • Change the color, font, and transparency of your watermark.
  • Save your watermarked photo or send to social media services.
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 7.0 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection required for sharing.